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Christ alone deserves our worship

For Jesus is considered worthy of more glory than Moses, just as the builder has more honor than the house. Now every house is built by someone, but the one who built everything is God. Hebrews 3:3-4 CSB

Last week, we saw in Hebrews 3:1-2 on how Jesus and Moses had some similarities. In these next two verses, the author then wanted to show how Jesus is superior to Moses. As a reminder, the author’s readers during this time were Jews who were familiar with the Old Testament and Jesus, yet they did not believe in Jesus as the Messiah. Hence, the author wanted to make a case of why Jesus is important in their lives and prove He is indeed the Messiah and should be followed as the Savior. Moses, being a prominent figure, being used by God to lead the Israelites out of slavery under the Egyptians, was held in high esteem. The case, then of Jesus being more prominent than Moses, would add validity to the claim that He is the Messiah. So, the author shows that Jesus has been given greater honor by God over Moses, “just as the builder has more honor than the house.” The house was the chosen people of God, the Israelites in the Old Testament and the church in the New Testament. The builder referred to Jesus. Creation was made through Jesus. We see this in John 1:1-3, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. All things were created through Him, and apart from Him not one thing was created that has been created.” Moses was used by God and was spoken through on the behalf of God to the people, yet Jesus was and is God. So, if Moses was held in such high regard, how much more should Jesus then be honored. Throughout the book of Hebrews, we will see how Moses helped in writing and giving the Law to the people. Yet, “the one who built everything is God.” God established the Law, as well as Christ as the head of the church and chief cornerstone for the plan of salvation. Although Moses is this great figure in Jewish history, the One who should be worshipped is Jesus Christ. So how does this apply to us today? There are times when we look up to great spiritual figures and their words, such as preachers and Christian authors. Yet, they shouldn’t take precedence in our lives of who we should be worshipping. The only One deserving of worship is Jesus Christ.


Isaac De Guzman

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