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Wisdom and Understanding

13 Who among you is wise and understanding? By his good conduct he should show that his works are done in the gentleness that comes from wisdom. (James 3:13) We have read these past few days on the dangers of the tongue, seeing how it will naturally lean towards destruction unless it is placed under control. However, it cannot be tamed simply by man’s own power, but believers must be empowered by God to do so. James goes along with this idea of asking God for help and power, by exploring the idea of requesting wisdom from Him, seen in verses 13 to 18. Focusing on verse 13, James opens up with a rhetorical question: “Who among you is wise and understanding?” The word “wise” here means someone with insight into morals and has the ability to apply knowledge to a situation to choose the best outcome. I had a Bible teacher in high school who was also my school’s football coach and I’ll never forget the way he described knowledge and wisdom: “Knowledge is knowing how to pick your nose. Wisdom is knowing when.” As odd of a funny saying that was, it made so much sense. One can have understanding and knowledge of all the factors of a particular situation, but if you lack wisdom to process that information in the context of the situation, you will most likely make a poor decision. Both wisdom and understanding are necessary to make good decisions. James emphasizes that one who has both wisdom and understanding will show it through their “good conduct,” “done in the gentleness that comes from wisdom.” In light of the tongue discussion, this gentleness needs to be displayed especially during disagreements with others. In closing, as Anders says, “The Bible calls on all believers to show the presence of spiritual wisdom in their lives by deed of humility and goodness.” May we have wisdom and understanding in our day-to-day conversations and interactions with others, being gentle and having good conduct. Blessings, Isaac De Guzman


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