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At Westside Baptist Church, our mission statement that the youth group follows is this:

To CONNECT people to JESUS, EQUIP them to make an IMPACT, LIVING out the GOSPEL.”

By God’s grace, we fulfill this by....

  • INSTRUCTING through God’s Word,

  • MOBILIZING in the ministry,

  • PRAYING in faith,

  • ADORING in worship,

  • CARING for one another, and

  • TELLING others the gospel.

Instructing through God's Word

   The Word of God is our foundation of instruction on how we as Christians should live out the lives God has intended for us (2 Tim. 3:16-17).

   In light of this, we have a home Bible study every Friday night at 8:30pm in West Hollywood. There is also an adult Bible study and food, so come by with your teenagers!

   We also have Sunday School located in the Library at 10:00am to 10:50am, right before service. Donuts are provided!

   If you would like to know the address of the home Bible study on Fridays, message Isaac De Guzman, our Youth Leader via email at:

Mobilizing in Ministry

   Through ministry opportunities throughout the year, the youth group learns how to apply what they have studied through the Scriptures into the real world.

   An example that we do every other year is World Changers, a program in which the teenagers spend a week working on improving homes while witnessing to the home owner and the neighborhood around them. They also learn how to minister with other churches, developing friendships within the body of Christ (Hebrews 10:24-26)

Praying in Faith

   Prayer is how we communicate with God, asking Him for His guidance in what we should do, and also asking Him of requests and concerns we may be experiencing in our lives (Rom. 12:12; Phil. 4:6-7; James 5:16).

   Part of our Bible study and Sunday School time is sharing requests and concerns with one another, praying together and throughout the week.

Adoring in Worship

   We respond to God and what He has done for us through worship (1 Chron. 16:23-31; Romans 12:1-2). Our youth has opportunities to learn how to play an instrument or sing if they feel like they are led to be part of the Music ministry.

Caring for one another

   Our youth group is like a family, and we care for one another, praying for each other, texting to see how everyone is doing, and hanging out (watching movies, going on scavenger hunts, riding roller coasters at Six Flags etc.)

   If you are a parent and are interested in having your son or daughter join our youth group, feel free to have them come to the Library on Sunday mornings for Sunday School, or if you want more information, contact Isaac De Guzman via email at and he will happily respond back with any questions or concerns you might have!

Telling others the Gospel

   We want to share the saving faith of Jesus Christ that we have experienced to others (Mat. 28:16-20). One of the ministries that the youth group participates in is leading a Vacation Bible School program for two to three churches during the summer! We train them in how to share the gospel (using the Three Circles method)!

General Questions And concerns

What is the age range of the youth group?

  • We teach teenagers (13-18) young men and women

How often do you meet up weekly?

  • We meet on Fridays (8:30-10pm) and Sunday (10:00-10:50) with some outings on Saturdays (with at least a month's notice)

What are some requirements when the youth group goes out?

  • We will typically have a form for the parents to sign, outlining the event details, with price (typically a month notice, unless larger mission trip, in which three months notice [World Changers, VBS, camp]). Those attending must provide emergency contacts (at least 2) and a copy of their medical insurance and the number of their primary care physician, as well as any dietary or health allergies. We have nurses as volunteers, but we need this information in case of emergency.

As an adult, how can I volunteer to assist the youth group?

  • Contact Isaac De Guzman (, and he will outline current needs or events in the future. You will go through a background check and will be interviewed by Isaac, Pastor Noel, and Tom, our church secretary. The safety of our youth is of utmost importance, and in that regard, we are careful as to who are interacting with them.

How can I know of upcoming events?

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