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Led by the Spirit

But it was to us that God revealed these things by his Spirit. For his Spirit searches out everything and shows us God’s deep secrets. No one can know a person’s thoughts except that person’s own spirit, and no one can know God’s thoughts except God’s own Spirit. And we have received God’s Spirit (not the world’s spirit), so we can know the wonderful things God has freely given us. 1 Corinthians 2:10-12

When one comes to surrender his or her life to God, they are indwelt by the Holy Spirit. And as the apostle Paul told the Christians at Corinth, it is by God’s Spirit that a believer comes to know the mind of God. The life without Christ was usually guided by choices between right and wrong. One will weigh the consequence of a decision to be made whether it will be right and rational as determined by the possible outcome of such decision. Most of the time, it is the feelings that determine if one is satisfied or regret if the outcome of the choice made was not the one expected. This kind of decision-making is based on conscience. Everyone is born with a conscience and this is what David alluded to as included in the “inner parts” when man was created. “You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb” (Psalm 139:13). But once a person decided to trust God, the Holy Spirit now should be the One that will lead and provide guidance. This is what He will do in the life of a believer. “For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God” (Romans 8:14). Once a decision was made and it was based on the leading of the Spirit, He felt that God was pleased and there was a constant realization that life now should be lived in accordance with God’s will. But when the choice was not based on the leading of the Spirt, the follower of Christ will feel uneasy because he knew that he displeased God. The conscience is very much aware of such decision but the Spirit should be the One leading. For the Holy Spirit is the One who will guide the believer to follow and live by the truth. “...the Holy Spirit—he will teach you everything and will remind you of everything I have told you” (John 14:26). He is the One that will empower you so you could live a life pleasing to God. “I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will empower you with inner strength through his Spirit” (Ephesians 3:16). God wants to reveal deeper truths that can be known only through the Holy Spirit that lives in you. It is through Him that you can understand things that at times beyond human comprehensions. Without Him in your life, it will be impossible to know and understand God. It is the Spirit that will create in you the passion and thirst to search so that you will comprehend. So instead of relying in your conscience why not ask the Holy Spirit to lead you? “Let the Holy Spirit guide your lives. Then you won’t be doing what your sinful nature craves” (Galatians 5:16).


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