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Growing in faith and trust in God

The one thing I ask of the Lord—the thing I seek most—is to live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, delighting in the Lord’s perfections and meditating in his Temple. For he will conceal me there when troubles come; he will hide me in his sanctuary. He will place me out of reach on a high rock. Then I will hold my head high above my enemies who surround me. At his sanctuary I will offer sacrifices with shouts of joy, singing and praising the Lord with music. Hear me as I pray, O Lord. Be merciful and answer me! My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.” And my heart responds, “Lord, I am coming.” Psalm 27:4-8

From our text, the Psalmist was expressing the attitude that every believer should have as they put their complete trust to the working of God in their lives. He expressed a confidence in God because He is the One that provided him salvation that brought life to him. He was also the One that guided him in his way. The Psalmist was not just expressing an intellectual assent but a trust based on a proven experience. This is why he was willing to wait on the Lord to act. Instead of him taking matters into his hand, he would rather come to God in prayer. He expressed a confidence not to his own abilities but for God to respond to his prayers. He knew that he could count on God for his delight is to be in his presence. He found that he need not fear for he could always come to God. “The Lord is a friend to those who fear him. He teaches them his covenant” (Psalm 25:14). When we long to be in His presence, even when we are going through times of uncertainty or great stress, we find comfort. Let us continue to develop in this aspect of our Christian life where we grow in our trust and confidence in Him. The more we grow in our relationship with Him the more we desire to be in His presence. This will help us overcome our natural predisposition to rely on our own strength. We must be resolute in our decision that we need God and that we cannot live without His wisdom and His leading. Then anticipate His working in our lives relying on His timing and not on our own selfish preference. Waiting upon the Lord is not a waste of time. It is an expression that we trust God and acknowledge that He is in charge. Moreover, it shows your willingness to take part and invest in what He is doing so His Kingdom will continue to expand. Waiting on God for Him to act on His will is an investment that we cannot afford not to make.



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