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Strengthened by faith

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. Through their faith, the people in days of old earned a good reputation. By faith we understand that the entire universe was formed at God’s command, that what we now see did not come from anything that can be seen... And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him. Hebrews 11:1-3, 6 Faith is entrusting life to Christ as Lord and Savior. We must believe that God exists and Jesus is exactly is the One that revealed God Himself. “Philip said, “Lord, show us the Father, and we will be satisfied.” Jesus replied, “Have I been with you all this time, Philip, and yet you still don’t know who I am? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father!” (John 14:8-9). Thomas wanted to see Jesus physically after the claim that He resurrected from the dead. Sure enough, Jesus showed up and let Thomas touch His hands that were nailed on the cross and the side that was pierced. When Thomas realized that it was indeed the Lord Jesus Christ and that He resurrected from the dead, he remarked “My Lord and my God!” (John 20:28). Faith is the basis of our reliance and trust upon God. No matter how moral you think you are because of the amount of good works you performed, if you do not have faith, you will not please God. You will be tempted to substitute good works, religious activities, rituals, and traditions for faith in God. “For you are saved by grace through faith, and this is not from yourselves; it is God’s gift—not from works, so that no one can boast” (Ephesians 2:8-9). God commanded us to live our life on the basis of our confidence to Him because of our faith (Hebrews 11:1). There will be those who will be motivated to take actions only if they have the resources and will refuse to do what God tells them unless they can see all and project possible results then they act. If you say you believe God because your faith is on Him, you should not struggle with whatever God is placing before you and asking you to do. Trusting Him should be at the core of your relationship with God so that no matter what confronts you in life, you will remain strong and will still seek out fellowship with Him! Faith does not eradicate problems. It is faith in God that will keep us strong in the midst of our problems. Once you realize who God is, the practical action you should take is to place your faith in Him and trust Him. Nothing more in this would could provide you satisfaction and security than to know that you are trusting God.


Noel De Guzman

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