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The dawning of the new day

Look and see, for everyone is coming home! Your sons are coming from distant lands; your little daughters will be carried home. Your eyes will shine, and your heart will thrill with joy, for merchants from around the world will come to you. They will bring you the wealth of many lands. Vast caravans of camels will converge on you, the camels of Midian and Ephah. The people of Sheba will bring gold and frankincense and will come worshiping the Lord. The flocks of Kedar will be given to you, and the rams of Nebaioth will be brought for my altars. I will accept their offerings, and I will make my Temple glorious. Isaiah 60:4-7 NLT

When Jesus came to earth for the first time and died on the cross for the payment of sin, it was the darkest hour that covered the earth. But when He returns for the second time, it will be a glorious day as Isaiah is describing from the text. The gathering will be focused among sons and daughters realizing the fulfillment of salvation obtained through the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. This was the result of the preaching of the gospel to all nations. Paul describes this future event: “He also came so that the Gentiles might give glory to God for his mercies to them. That is what the psalmist meant when he wrote: “For this, I will praise you among the Gentiles; I will sing praises to your name.” And in another place it is written, “Rejoice with his people, you Gentiles.” And yet again, “Praise the Lord, all you Gentiles. Praise him, all you people of the earth.” And in another place Isaiah said, “The heir to David’s throne will come, and he will rule over the Gentiles. They will place their hope on him” (Romans 15:9-12). There will be radiant celebration filled with excitement and joy. There will be no more persecution of the church and hostilities toward believers. The message of the gospel will be echoed back to all the nations and offer of worship will be made acceptable to God. This time, there will be no variation because people have appropriated in their lives what Christ had accomplished on their behalf through His sacrifice at the cross. Worship to God will beautify the kingdom of God. It will be the dawning of the new day for all the nations of the world as well as Israel.


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