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Do not neglect such a great a salvation

After establishing the authority of Jesus, a position worthy of worship, the author of Hebrews then challenges the readers to be reminded of the gospel message, as seen in his statement of “for this reason, we must pay attention all the more to what we have heard.” To forget the saving act of Christ would lead these believers to “drift away.” In verse 2, the statement “message spoken through angels” refers to the Old Testament Law. Remember that the audience of this letter were Jewish believers in Christ. Verse 2 and the beginning of verse 3 is a rhetorical question: if disobedience against the law received “a just punishment,” then how much more would you be in trouble if you “neglect such a great salvation?” As Bible commentator Thomas Lea writes, “God’s Son Himself brought the gospel into view. Anyone neglecting to respond to its serious appeals could expect to receive God’s severest displeasure.” To add further testimony to validate the gospel message, “it was spoken of by the Lord,” meaning Jesus Christ while on earth, “and it was confirmed to us by those who heard Him,” the disciples and apostles who were present at Jesus’ teaching. Not only do these testimonies about the gospel message exist, but “God [the Father] also testified by signs and wonders, various miracles, and distributions of gifts from the Holy Spirit according to His will.” Throughout the book of Acts, the early church saw many miracles to validate the gospel in order to point the viewer and listener to Christ. If you are not a believer, the price of ignoring such an amazing message of salvation is to fall under judgment. And if you are a believer, to forget the gospel message is to stagnate in your relationship. Therefore, remember the message of salvation. It is for this reason that Jesus was born one Christmas morn. It was His love poured out on us by sending His Son to die at the cross and as we realize our need of Him, we trust Him that by faith we will receive His mercy and grace. Once we received Him, let us not neglect the salvation that He provided for us and let us pay close attention to His Word.


Isaac De Guzman


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